Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bewildering Brazil

Just came back from an amazing holiday in Brazil. It must be one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. From Rio to the Amazon, Iguacu falls, the city of Salvador and the resorts of Bahia state, every stop was breathtaking and had its own flavor.

Yet, the history of the country is quite sad when you think about the natives who were eradicated when the colonials invaded. I couldn't help but think about how, throughout human history, peaceful peoples who were able to live in harmony with their environment lost out to more aggressive cultures, not only in the Americas but everywhere around the world. If these peoples had been the ones ruling the Earth, our planet would have been much cleaner and peaceful.

But let's go back to happier thoughts and some fun vids & pix from the trip:

We were (kind of) attacked by a Caiman during a nightime animal spotting in the Amazon

Sunrise over the Rio Negro river (Amazonia)

A little peak into Heaven (Iguacu falls)