Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Great restaurant: Le Colimaçon in Paris

I’m no restaurant critic, but my dining experience at Le Colimaçon restaurant in Paris this weekend was so good that I had to rave about it. With its old stone walls, exposed beams and floor tiles, this restaurant (44 Rue Vieille Du Temple, 4eme arrondissement) mixes rustic and modern, featuring the added bonus of friendly service that can be so elusive in Paris.

The food doesn’t disappoint either; it’s French cuisine as you may have guessed and I’m told the menu (there are no printed menus, just a blackboard listing available dishes) is updated seasonally and uses only regional ingredients.

Make sure you work up an appetite and turn off the calorie counter in your head. Dishes such as the burger of foie gras and the rib eye steak (which is served in a huge portion) with its bone marrow won’t make you any thinner, but may get you squealing in delight.

Le Colimaçon is also known for its carefully selected wine list so, if you drink alcohol, do ask the waiter for recommendations. We loved the bottle they recommended to go with our steaks. The wines are sorted by price brackets (25 €, 35 € or 50 €) which is a good way to keep your bill under control.

Now... back to my diet...

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Monday, 9 May 2011

Shoe addict's fix of the month: Aruna Seth Butterfly heels

Guess what the mail man delivered this weekend? The object of my latest shoe desire: a pair of Aruna Seth Farfalla Royal Blue Satin Butterfly heels.

I can't remember how I came to know about this designer (probably online), but since I bought this pair, I've done more reading and it turns out that I've been under more Royal Wedding influence that I care to admit: Inspired by Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring and blue Issa engagement dress, these shoes have been described by fashion bloggers as "the height of style" for brides this year.

So there you go ladies, if you're planning your wedding, or like me you're just intent on loving the shoes you live in, start prepping that credit card!