Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Excerpt from chapter 5 of The It! Refugee

Maya found the perfect location to top up her tan, lying away from prying eyes at the far end of the garden. She needed to keep a healthy complexion for the wedding.
Her fiancé, Ziad, called twenty-five minutes into the session.
He started with the mandatory “So what’s the situation like today?”
“Rubbish. The helicopters are flying extremely low, I worry they’re going to trim off the roofs of our houses.”
“They’re probably on reconnaissance to deter fighters from moving to the mountains,” Ziad said. “So what distractions have you and your cousins found today?”
“I’m by myself tanning in the garden. We were together earlier and then each went home for lunch. They must be napping or reading.”
“Do you mean you’re in your bikini?” he asked.
“You know how conservative Dhour is. You shouldn’t do this.”
“I’m at the far end of the garden. No one ever comes here.”
“You just said the jets are flying low.”
Maya smiled.
“You’re talking as if they can see me.”
“Yes, they can see you. I hate the thought of these soldiers peering over you in your bikini.”
Maya burst out laughing.
“Baby, you’re so sweet. I hope I’m a bombshell in your eyes, but believe me their radar won’t pick me up.”
“I mean it. They take all kinds of photos during surveillance missions. You’d be surprised at how clear they can be.”
Maya wasn’t sure whether he was serious or not, but she didn’t like being told not to tan in her own garden.
“My bikini’s white, so they’ll know I come in peace,” she mocked.

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