Monday, 11 April 2011

Cool kids' book: "Diaries Of An Ant" by Diala Arslan Talhouk

The best part of my trip to the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (#ADIBF) was of course that I got to launch my novel “Summer Blast”. The second best part is that I caught up on book shopping :-). So I’ll be posting about my favorite reads.

Even before having a kid, I found myself reading Diala Arslan Talhouk’s ديالا ارسلان تلحوق books cover to cover because they’re so cute and enjoyable.

Diala has written 5 Arabic kids'books (published by Educart Middle East). My two favorites were “Diaries of an Ant” يوميات نملة and a “Queen’s Story” قصة ملكة.

“Diaries of an Ant” tells the story of Loulou the working ant who would be queen. “A Queen’s story” is about busy bees who decide to overthrow their queen for being lazy.

I liked the quality of the Arabic writing and, of course, the environmental theme. I would love to know that our kids are getting an early education about living species and the importance of conserving them, especially in Lebanon, where there’s absolutely no consideration for wildlife. Insect, reptiles and birds have been brought to extinction by the over-spraying of chemicals and most other animal life has been hunted, fished or smothered by pollution, not to mention loss of habitat etcetera etcetera etcetera (sorry about the rant, but this drives me MAD).

Therefore: Strong recommendation, get these books for your kid(s). If I enjoyed them, your kids definitely will.