Wednesday, 26 October 2011

George Michael's "Symphonica" in London, Wow!

There’s no idol like your teen idol, and as I watched George Michael on the first night of his "Symphonica" tour at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday, I realized that there’s no idol like one that grows with you.

George Michael has teamed up for this tour with classical orchestras from several parts of Europe to create new interpretations of many of his own tracks as well as covers of his favorite songs by other artists.

He was accompanied by a 41 piece orchestra and a massive screen, morphing shapes and colors in the background, yet he was so present, so intense, that he made the Royal Albert Hall feel intimate, almost like we were in a private surrounding and he was taking us through his playlist.

I attended George’s last tour “25 live” in 2007 which was an equally uplifting experience, but yesterday he looked healthier, more connected to the audience and happier to be there.

And his voice... his voice... I cried during “You Have Been Loved”, so did the lady sitting next to me and probably countless others around the hall. His rendition of Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” gave me goose bumps; he also performed a new song dedicated to his ex partner Kenny.  

Overall, a superb evening with one of the best artists of all time. It's good to have him back. 

And the even better news? He’s planning to release a new dance music album next year!  

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  1. Sounds amazing! True, it's good to have him back :-)