Friday, 15 March 2013

It's more than just civil marriage

There’s no one more hypocritical than people in Lebanon who claim that they believe in sectarian co-existence, then lose it every time talk of civil marriage comes up. But it's not only about inter-marriage. To me, the reason why it’s such a hot topic is because the existence of civil marriage would necessitate the establishment of civil law and the creation of a real justice system where the law would need to be applied to all aspects of life, from marriage to inheritance, divorce, women’s rights etc.

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Today, between the various sectarian laws, the wasayet system and the fact that members of the judiciary are puppets in the hands of politicians, there is no such thing as a justice system in Lebanon and we’ve seen time and over again that the rule of law is inexistent. Criminals get away with murder, fraudsters with fraud and civil servants with corruption in broad daylight. And with all due respects, the clergy in every single sectarian group sits at the top of that scheme.

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