Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Feeling unloved by World Cup advertisers

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I’ve barely come across any World Cup related marketing this year. I’m thinking it’s one of the following reasons:

  1. All marketing budgets have gone into targeted digital media and since I have no interest in sports whatsoever, I’m not the right profile. 
    1. If so, the marketer in me is very impressed! It means that you really CAN target the exact people you want and avoid wasting money on others. 
    2. But as a consumer, I feel unvalued and resentful  
  2. Very few companies are interested in sponsoring/activating marketing around the world cup this year, at least in the UK. 
  3. People have stopped caring about the world cup and advertisers know that. 
  4. Marketing budgets are extremely small.
  5. I need to get out more or even watch TV  
If you’re seeing a lot of word cup related advertising or marketing, please reply here with your age, gender, attitude towards brands, internet usage details etc ;).

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