Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Shoe crush of the month: United Nude

I’ve been crushing on United Nude Shoes since I got their Möbius boot this past winter. They have the most unusual fun designs, and I like the story behind the brand: It was founded when Koolhaas, “an architect with a broken heart” (as their website put it) who decided to create something innovative for women. Following a meeting with designer and entrepreneur Galahad Clark (of the Clark shoe dynasty), Koolhaas launched a new footwear company, United Nude, which produces shoes that that are inspired by modern design concepts.

Object of my covetousness: United Nude's Lemon Ultra Möbius Sandal

Each pair is inspired by an architectural object and uses different materials and colors: the first shoe created by United Nude was the “Möbius”, which was inspired by the Barcelona chair created by Bauhaus director Mies Van Der Rohe for the International Exposition in 1929. This design is unique because the sandal is characterised by a single strip that forms the sole, heel, foot-bed and upper of the shoe. The “Eamz” series is based on the aluminum office chair by Ray and Charles, and integrates in its heels a detail of the chair foot. Both the Mobius and Eamz series seem to suspend their wearer in mid-air, kind of like Gaga’s heal-less boots but in a more wearable (and actually quite comfortable and stable) way.
Here's a link to their website:


  1. Awesome... Bouss shouf el architects biya3malou eihh...! One of your sources of claim to fame... ;) as you once put it.

  2. Thanks, GAR. Good to see you here, my dear Claim To Fame :)